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The Library is Right in the Heart of Downtown Bishopville.

The Lee County Library has a long history dating back to 1901.  Originally housed in a small building on Main Street next to the Bishopville Opera House; the building was described as “being too small to be a barbershop.”  During the next few years, the library struggled and moved many times. 

In 1935, the Board of Education entered an agreement with the WPA to provide county-wide bookmobile service.  For the first time, the citizens and school children of Lee County were provided books in a systematic, organized fashion.  

In 1949, Lee County built an attractive building on Dennis Avenue. Four years later, the library moved again to the Woodward Memorial Library Building on the corner of Main and Church Streets.  The building was donated by Mr. Hosea Woodward to memorialize his wife, Blanch Tarrant Woodward. 

In 1979, the building was completely renovated and a large addition was added.   With the arrival of the 21st century, the Library Board and Foundation found that creative thinking was required to meet the demands of an ever-changing constituency.  So in 2006, the library moved into a library space unique in the State of South Carolina on the corner of Main and Council Streets in Downtown Bishopville. The ambiance of the brick-wall-lined library interior allows for a relaxed atmosphere that encourages browsing. 

In 2012, the Lee County Library joined the SCLends Consortium.  The Consortium is a group of 19 libraries sharing resources throughout the State.  Joining Lee County’s Library with the Consortium gives our patrons access to more than 2.9 million items available at 61 branch locations.

From humble beginnings as a tiny library society, the Lee County Library has become an asset to the Lee County community as a host and participant in diverse neighborhood events and cultural happenings.