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Introducing SirsiDynix: Our Exciting Move to a New Operating System!

The Lee County Public Library is part of the SC Lends consortium of around 20 counties and, as a whole, SC Lends elected to switch vendors and go with a new library system for handling library materials.

Why Would We Do This?!

While we know this is going to cause a few hiccups (and probably a little irritation) along the way, ultimately this system will be more efficient and allow us to serve you, the people of Lee County, better. The new online interface is cleaner and more user-friendly.

Potential Problems

As with anything new, expect issues that we haven’t encountered yet. We had to close down for two whole days for the initial migration and, even with all that time, some things didn’t migrate properly (or, in some cases, at all). But never fear! If you have any problems at all, just call us at (803) 484-5921, email us at, or catch up with us on our Facebook page. Some of the random issues that may or may not affect you include: books you checked out not being listed on your account, charges you’ve paid for, charges that shouldn’t have been there, charges disappearing (woohoo for you!), holds doubling up, holds not showing up at all, and your PIN not working.

To log into the new account (all links on this website have already been swapped out – if you’re still in the old system, make sure to update any saved bookmarks!), type in your library card number and your new PIN is the last 4 digits of the phone number attached to your account. If this does not work, contact us at the library and we’ll help you reset it! Once you’ve logged in for the first time, you are able to reset your PIN to whatever you like at any time.

What To Expect Moving Forward

We know change can be weird but we’re here to help you through it! We’ll help you figure new things out, get mistakes or mis-copied account data corrected, and forgive any late fees that stacked up because you couldn’t get in to your account. We’ll have a flood of new books hitting the shelves really soon – we had to stop putting them in the system prior to the migration but we didn’t stop buying. And keep an eye out – the mobile app is being finalized now so look for it to debut soon!!

Please be gentle on the staff as we attempt to learn all the things. We’ll get there, but it might take us a second! We can’t wait to see y’all soon!

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