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Introducing our newest resource for kids: Bookflix by Scholastic. The Lee County Public Library has long been a valuable resource for students and families. We here at the library have chosen Bookflix to help students improve academics, build vocabulary, and enhance reading comprehension. And they just might have a little fun along the way!

    1: Discover the Benefits of Bookflix

    Use Bookflix to instantly double the size of your home library. Digital access means that you and your kids can enjoy all the ebooks at home or on-the-go. Bookflix helps build the early literacy skills necessary for future learning; skills that are necessary for both academic and social success. Some of the skills include: increased reading accuracy, pronunciation, reading speed, vocabulary, and recall.

    The nonfiction texts allow your kiddos to build knowledge relating to the fictional stories they enjoy while also helping them to learn the difference between fact and fiction. And let’s not forget the coolest benefit of all; Bookflix gives parents and children a productive and meaningful way to spend time together.

    2: Exploring Bookflix’s Features

    To gain access to Bookflix, click HERE and enter your Lee County Library card number (found on the back of your card!). That’s it, you’re in! Start browsing the categories and choose a topic that interests your child.

    Choose a pair of books by clicking on their button and click “Watch the Story” to have the fiction book brought to life. Click on “Meet the Author” or “Meet the Creators” to learn more about the people behind the books to give your child context and help them to build on what they’ve read. “Read the Book” allows you and your kiddo to read the nonfiction text that matches the story you just watched.

    After exploring both books, you and your child can choose from the list of “Puzzlers” for wonderful learning games that build knowledge, vocabulary, and other literacy skills. To allow your child to further explore the topic, click “Explore the Web” for a list of professional vetted websites that have been carefully checked and selected to make sure they are both safe and appropriate for your child’s age.

    Don’t forget, if your child is insanely interested in one of these topics and has already fully explored all Bookflix has to offer, check out our online catalog for materials you can check out on the subject!

    3: How to Utilize Bookflix for Academic Excellence

    Did you know that kids who read for fun are more likely to do significantly better in school than those who don’t? Each Bookflix fiction and nonfiction title pairing includes a read-aloud with word highlighting to build early literacy skills. According to the Audio Publishers Association, listening to a read-aloud while also reading the words on the page can increase recall 40% over reading print alone.

    Read-alouds like those on Bookflix also increase reading accuracy by 52%, teach pronunciation, expand vocabulary, and increase reading speeds. Research published by the Audio Publishers Association also shows that students who are read aloud to can listen and comprehend two grade levels above their reading level.

    Bookflix also allows for differentiated learning among students. The research also shows that 27% of the K-12 population are auditory learners and that 85% of what we learn, we learn by listening.

    As an added bonus for our teachers and homeschooling parents, Bookflix also includes lesson plans for their fiction and nonfiction text pairings!

    4: Accessing Bookflix: Free for Lee County Residents and Schools

    You read that right, Bookflix is available for FREE to all of our library card holders. All teachers and staff in a Lee County school are eligible for free library cards – we will waive the annual membership fee for non-county residents if you work at one of our schools.

    Signing up for a card is easy, just come by the library in person with an ID and we will get you your free library card. Teachers, you can come in or email us directly from your school email account to request one.

    Once you have your card, visit this link and type in the barcode number on the back of your library card. That’s it, you’re in!

    Conclusion: Unlock a World of Possibilities with Bookflix

    Bookflix by Scholastic is an amazing resource for growing young minds and building early literacy skills. We at the Lee County Public Library cannot wait for you and your littles to give this one a try. Call or email us if you have any questions.

    And hey, if they kids are going to get some screen time today anyway, why not let them play with something educational? Happy Reading!

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