Meeting Room

Meeting Room Policy

The library meeting room is intended primarily for library programs presented by the library staff and the Friends of the Library.  When not in use for library-sponsored programming, the meeting room will be available on a first-come, first-served basis for programs of a cultural or educational nature.  The meeting room is not intended for social gatherings, entertainment, fundraising, or political, religious, or for-profit organizations or purposes.

Granting permission to use the Library facilities does not constitute an endorsement of the group or organization by Lee County Library, its Board of Trustees, or the County Council of Lee County, South Carolina.  Users of the facilities may not use the library as a mailing address.  Publicity announcing meetings must not imply library sponsorship.

In general the meeting room will be assigned for a single meeting only.  Assignments will be made on an intermittent or regular basis only if this does not conflict with the library program schedule and/or monopolize the room, keeping other groups from meeting.

Meetings must be free and open to the public and news media.  The meeting room may be used only during the regular hours of operation, and must be vacated 15 minutes before closing time.

Groups using the room shall be responsible for maintaining order and seeing that the room is neat and clean at the conclusion of the meeting.  The user is liable for any damage to the building, furniture, and equipment.

All libraries are smoke free buildings, i.e., smoking is not permitted in any room in the library.

No admission may be charged and no donations or collections other than organizational dues may be taken by groups using the meeting rooms.  No fund raising activities may be held, with the exception of fund raising events held for the library by the Friends of the Library.

A group may be asked to reschedule a meeting if the library director determines that such rescheduling is necessary in the library’s interest.

Adults must adequately supervise children’s and young people’s groups.

The library is not responsible for providing equipment or supplies, such as coffee pots, projectors, extension cords, paper, or pencils.  Storage space cannot be allotted for equipment or utensils to be left at the facility between meetings.  Library employees are not available for moving furniture or for unloading and loading of equipment.  Any equipment used during the meeting must be returned to its original location.  Furniture, equipment, and library materials may not be brought from other areas of the library without the permission of the library staff.