2017 SRP Lee State Park

June 14, 2017 – 2017 Lee County Summer Reading Program Kickoff

Cloudless blue skies, gentle breezes, and temperatures in the 70’s – how could you ask for a better day? Well, you could go out to the Lee County State Park and walk around to enjoy nature. That is exactly what the 2017 Lee County Summer Reading Program did to kick off the summer! We gathered out at the park’s education center where our intrepid park ranger and pal, Laura Kirk introduced herself and the day’s program. The theme this summer is “Build a Better World” and Laura pointed out that to help build a better world you should be aware of the existing world. With that, we all trooped down to the pond where we extracted small and microscopic creatures. (It’s great to be near the water on a warm summer day!) We then headed back to the education building where Laura examined and presented our specimens under the electron microscope.

I have mentioned over the years how impressed I am with our summer readers. They are super attentive and ask the most interesting questions. One question was why some aquatic mites have blue legs. Laura admitted not knowing (gasp!) so I googled the question and we all discovered that they come in different colors and it has nothing to do with sex or age or anything. I have to admit that this kind of stuff fascinates me. We then adjourned to the shelter to have lunch. Pizza, water, snacks, and cookies were shared and enjoyed by all. All and all it was a great day – the next day Laura wrote me and told me that some of the readers stayed at the park until after 4:00 o’clock. That seems to me to indicate a success!! Thanks, Laura and all the parents who bring their youngsters to our programs.

Build a Better World - 2017 Summer Reading

MAY 20, 2017 – “Build a Better World”

Well, it’s finally here!!! The rollout of the 2017 Summer Reading Program! Yay! The theme this year is “Build a Better World’ so we have designed each program to enrich the theme. Here are some important dates: May 30th to June 5th is the signup period and on June 9th we will have our kick off at the Lee State Park at 10:00 AM. At that time our friend, Ranger Laura Kirk, will conduct one of her famous field trips and then we will have lunch in the pavilion. Over the years, this has become one of the most popular programs. What’s not to love – a day in the fresh air and sunshine and then lunch!! Laura’s field trip will emphasize: “Wildlife in our World – The best way to start making the world a better place is learning more about it. At Lee State Park, we are going to learn more about wildlife that lives in South Carolina. Be prepared to use your observation skills as we look for animals, both big and small.” We look forward to seeing Laura and spending the day learning about our world.

Through the course of the summer, we will have seven other programs with arts, crafts, live theater, and magic. We are really looking forward to seeing “our kids” return and welcoming new youngsters to the program. This year we will start rolling out a new software program that will allow parents to enroll and track the children’s progress online! Yay two!! I have been test driving this software and I hope to get a percentage of our parents enrolled. For those unable to access the website, we will continue with our traditional tracking via a paper trail.