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Porkchop Productions presents RAPunzel!

What a great time with our summer readers watching Rapunzel with a twist!  If you haven’t seen a Porkchop Production performance, you are missing a treat.  Check them out at

SC Plants the Seed

SC Plants the Seed

Building a better world starts with you and your health. This family-centered program gives children a free book, teaches children how nutritional foods factor into a healthy lifestyle, and offers adults an opportunity to learn healthy ways to prepare and store fresh fruits and vegetables. Presented in partnership with the […]

Summer Reading Program

Every year we look forward to spending the summer with our summer readers.  This year we have a special treat.  Thanks to a surprise grant from Duke Energy, we will be taking our readers to Ripley’s Aquarium in Charleston!  Each year, the Duke Energy Foundation donates $30 million in charitable […]